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Gorgeous Offer! Need a Softswitch but Prices are Too High - Unprecedented Discount 30 % & Unbelievable Instalment Plan - 18 months at Speedflow Communications.

You need a softswitch but the prices are too high – Linux –based Softswitch MediaCore that is a Class 4 Softswitch with native Billing + Transcoding + Guardian modules handles up to 16.000 concurrent calls is your right choice.

Transcoding supports all popular codecs whereas Guardian carries out monitoring of VoIP traffic and sends Trouble Tickets to NOCs (Network Operations Center) as well as blocks unprofitable calls.

Billing system offers complete calls statistics, connection quality reports, financial reports and other vital information and is compatible with various softswitches and hardware devices on prepaid and post -paid basis via RADIUS/DIAMETER.

Softswitch MediaCore differs from the rest by its Dynamic Routing Mechanism and Easy Upgrade.

We have tailored Rental and Purchase Conditions.

Seize your opportunity to get MediaCore by instalment plan ( 6- 18 months) AT EVEN.

We are having Special Hot Discount 30% on our Softswitch Solution.

24/7 Technical support

10 days of Free Trial Period.

Demo is available.

On Line Presentation at your request at any convenient time.

For more information visit our web site at : www.speedflow.com

Or contact us: email: info@speedflow.com

Tel: +44 20 30 265 765 ext. 110

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