Available volume for Italy~Chad~Malawi~Thailand~Mauritania r

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Available volume for Italy~Chad~Malawi~Thailand~Mauritania r

Post  amilyhuaallen on Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:56 am

Dear parnter
Have a nice day!
We have huge live traffic here and need below routes urgently.plz check and thanks.
Afghanistan 9370,9377,9378,9379
Saudi Arabia 966
Pakistan 9234,9230,9231,9232,9233
Guba 53
Italy 39
Philippines 63
Egypt 201
Thailand 66
Egypt 201
BD 8801
Kenya 254
Ghana 233
Sierra Leon 232
Laos 856
Chad 2356
Zimbabwe 263
Yemen 967
Gambia 220
Malawi 265
Mauritania 222
We are looking forward to hearing you.
Thanks & regards,

We chat:18312216521


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