Need Pak~Ethiopia~Iran~Guinea~Laos~Kenya~Chad~Somalia~Armeni

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Need Pak~Ethiopia~Iran~Guinea~Laos~Kenya~Chad~Somalia~Armeni

Post  amilyhuaallen on Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:17 am

Dear partners,we have huge live traffic to below ncli route,we have 24h tech support,full time traffic,and flexible payment,if you have these route,plz connect me ASAP!!!

Afghanistan awcc/mtn/roshan/salam/etisalat
Pakistan 9230/9231/9232/9233/9234
Bangladesh 8801
Uganda mtn 256
Nepal 977
Cuba all 53
Sudan Zain 249
Uganda all 256
Yemen 967
Laos 856
Egypt 20
Chad 256
Armeria 374
Mali 260
Vietnam 84
Kenya 254
Ghana 233
Iran 98
Kyrgyzstan 996
Guinea 224
We also warmly welcome others non cli routes.
Plz contact:
skype~ amily.huaallen
We chat:18312216521


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