ITEL DIALER Solutions from Only Authorized Reseller

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ITEL DIALER Solutions from Only Authorized Reseller

Post  beena on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:45 pm

As the ONLY AUTHORIZED RESELLERS OF ITEL DIALERS AND ITELSWITCH, We are excited to announce special pricing for ITEL Dialers and ITEL DIALER Plus with 50 to 900 Concurrent Registrations with additional options to set your own Brand name and icon.

Special Pricing as Follows .

50 CR $125/Mnth Special Price $89/Mnth
100 CR $250/Mnth Special Price $119/Mnth
150 CR $350/Mnth Special Price $149/Mnth

ITEL DIALER solution offers following features:-

*Concurrent Registrations from 50 to 900 CR - With flexible options you get to scale your concurrent registration needs as your VOIP Business increases .
*Custom brand options at only $100 one time fee - We help you set up your own brand on your dialers thus helping you establish your own brand at only $100 one time fee.
*Establishing your own presence with your own brand on your Dialer improves your brand visibility and thus increases revenues.
*Package includes Antiblock Bytesaver and 40 IP
*Unlike offered by other service providers, Our package Includes an effective antiblock solution.

ByteSaver Server saves BandWidth usage by 75% making the dialers work very good in low BandWidth Areas . Our Dedicated Bytesaver set up separately for each ITEL DIALER comes with 40 Rotating IP addresses.When Dialer gets blocked, IP gets changed in ByteSaver, automatically from these 40 IP to overcome the Blockage.

We are the ONLY AUTHORIZED RESELLER OF ITEL DIALERS AND ITELSWITCH.With No Contract & Hidden Fees, Monthly Billing and a low priced Dialer packages , Our range of ITEL DIALER solutions can be a blessing to transform your VOIP Businesses.

To get a first hand experience Visit to learn more about our ITEL Dialers OR chat with our specialists 24/7, 365 Days or round the year.


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