Explore the MediaCore SBC Smart VoIP Carrier Platform

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Explore the MediaCore SBC Smart VoIP Carrier Platform

Post  juliaDanich on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:12 am

Through the last 11 years the MediaCore has proved to be an outstanding SBC in the VoIP industry.

The compelling argument is surfaced by Speedflow Product Development Policy, tailored to cope with market trends and business requirements. Speedflow smart products, among with flagman - the Mediacore SBC, are designed using the most effective development technologies together with all in one concept of deployment.

The Mediacore is a Unified Point of Control System with its native Billing, Multi Routing Mechanism and the Smart Robot inside to assure the revenue inflow as well as handling high peaks of carrier traffic. The SBC is equipped by Extra Security Tools, allowing you peace of mind and a focus upon your business.

Explore more by unleashing the power of the Session Border Controller.

Feel free to contact our Software Sales Department at software@speedflow.com or visit https://speedflow.com/mediacore-landingpage/


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