Need Yemen,DR Congo,South Sudan,India,BD,Philippines

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Need Yemen,DR Congo,South Sudan,India,BD,Philippines

Post  roy huaallen on Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:35 pm

Need Cameroon/Sudan/Ukraine/Pak/Afghan/Uganda/Azerbaijan/DRC Ncli Route
We have huge traffic to Sudan Azerbaijan Uganda Cameroon Pak Afghan,if you have these ncli route,plz connect me,we will give you huge live traffic with good rate
sudan 249
pakistan 9230,9231,9233,9234
afghanistan 9370,9377/9376,9378,9379
DR Congo 243
Indonesia 628
India 91
Bangladesh 880
Ghana 233
Uganda 256 Werid
Azerbaijan 994
Ukraine 380
Yemen 967
Iran 9893

whatsapp: +86 18319068514

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