$12/Month Bonanza 8 Core 8GB Cloud Server with Easy Self-Man

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$12/Month Bonanza 8 Core 8GB Cloud Server with Easy Self-Man

Post  aslam on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:56 am

We help you make Speedy Manageable Affordable Reliable Timely Decisions to choose the right Cloud Server solution, with an easy to use self-management interface. Choose your easy to use cloud instance for only $12/month now at www.datasoft.ws

Choosing the Right Cloud Server

Speedy: Our Cloud servers are powered with SSD! SSD devices have a higher I/O performance than traditional mechanical hard drives. This means that more read & write operations can be performed each second. SSD Drives offered by Datasoft are backed with Enterprise grade SSDs (Solid State Drive) enabled by Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN). Input Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) are close to 80,000! Which is fast!!!!

Manageable : Choose a friendly Cloud server management Interface which is easy to use! Learn more

Affordable : Choose a Cloud server that is competitively Low priced with NO LONG TERM CONTRACT traps! Monthly Billing system.

Reliable : Choose a Cloud server that is supported with Reliable hardware & extends Backup features and options!

Timely : Choose a Cloud Server that extends quicker server Delivery & 24*7 Customer Support!

We offer Cloud servers in less than 1-2 hours upon completion of your order AND also extend 247 365 days support to our customers.
Do not wait to visit www.datasoft.ws and chat up with our specialists to learn more about fabulous Cloud server offers and solutions.


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