Complete solution for starting your own voip business!!

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Complete solution for starting your own voip business!!

Post  sherry on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:03 am


Want to start you own voipbusiness?we can help you.. we are one of the leading voip firms located in UK..we can provide you compelete solution for starting your own voip business..We deal with services like renting / selling orginal VOIPSWITCH, Premium A-Z termination, Dialers,DID service etc etc..We also give you free 24/7 free tech support,free training, configurations support and all faclities..

Features of our server

* Calling Cards Platform
* Wholesale VoIP
* VSR and VSC Modules.
* PC2Phone Platform
* Device2Phone
* VoIP Termination
* Softphones
* Web/ANI/SMS Callback solutions
* Portal (Builtin all the end user Modules)
* Paypal Intigrated Online shop
* Invoice Generator
* VOIP Tunnel
* IVR Box
* Web Based Real Time CDR.
* DID and DID's Managment
* Online Shop
* CRM (customer Relation Managment)
* VoiceMail
* Mobile Dialer

For your demo and further details feel free to contact us ..



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