4 Ports VOIP Gateway (WT 358)

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4 Ports VOIP Gateway (WT 358)

Post  witura04 on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:51 pm

4 Ports VOIP Gateway (WT 358)
Detailed Product Description
Basic information:
1. Support Route/Bridge mode
2. Support 2 SIP server Synchronization
3. Support T.38 , T.30 & Fax by pass
Key Features:
1. Infineon ADM 5120P
2. Support four SIP servers running at the same time
3. Redundancy SIP server support
4. T.30, T.38 Fax Protocol support
5. NAT, Firewall
6. DHCP client and server
7. Support PPPoE (use for xDSL.cable modem connecting)
8. G.165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation
9. E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
10. Hotline, Call ID display
11. Call forward, call transfer, 3-way conference calls
12. DND (Do Not Disturb), Black List, Limit List, Reverse polarity
13. Web, telnet and keypad management
14. Adjustable user password and super password
15. Upgrade firmware through HTTP, FTP or TFTP
16. Upload/download setting file, Auto-provision
17. Safe mode provide reliability

If your esteem company needs more information or have any enquiry for the above, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and best regards
William Chin
Witura Corporation Sdn Bhd
Email : william@witura.com
MSN : willckc@hotmail.com
Skype: william04
Yahoo: witura04
Website: www.witura.com


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