South Africa 200K, Mali, Kenya (TDM), Senegal, Chad, Philipp

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South Africa 200K, Mali, Kenya (TDM), Senegal, Chad, Philipp

Post  Rafael_D.Silva on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:58 am

Dear Partner,

Offering stable traffic quality and good volume for the following destination:

Nigeria Mobile All 200K clean Traffic Daily
South Africa Fixed and Mobile All 250K volume Daily
Ethipia All 120K volume Daily
Philippines Mobile Smart 70K volume Daily
Mali Mobile All 25K daily
Kenya TDM 20K

Mali Mobile All
Benin Mobile All
Burundi Mobile All
Ghana Mobile All
Ivory Coast Mobile All
Morocco Mobile All
Moldova Mobile All
Mozambique Mobile All
Senegal Mobile All
Tunisia Mobile All
Zimbabwe Mobile All
Zambia Mobile All
Chad All
Mauritania Mobile All
Uzbekistan Mobile All

If you have your own gateway routes from one of these please contact with me.

Thanks and Best Regards
Rafael D.Silva
Business Development Officer

American Willsix Corporation
Skype: sales5.willsix
22-12 38th Street Astoria,
Ny11105, New York, Usa
Office: +1 (718)559-1022 Ext: 102
Company Registration Number: 4751801 Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


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