Proudly Introducing 24Dialer!!!

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Proudly Introducing 24Dialer!!!

Post  24dialer on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:42 am

24Dialer is a Soft Phone or Mobile Dialer to make VoIP call from the mobile phone. This has been designed keeping operator's requirement in mind. 24Dialer not only let your clients to make VoIP call from their mobile phone using your VoIP service, but also let you do the branding of your service as an operator.
We can claim that 24Dialer is based on the best technology available in the market. The most exciting feature is that we can take the challenge of recovering any blockage imposed on such services within very short time. While other service providers regularly struggle to continue operation in the blocked areas, we continue to go on smoothly with our robust product because of our strong back-end technology.

For any Queries please feel free to contact the following

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