Licensed VPS[sale/Rent]+UAE Unblock Mobile dialer|24/7|

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Licensed VPS[sale/Rent]+UAE Unblock Mobile dialer|24/7| Empty Licensed VPS[sale/Rent]+UAE Unblock Mobile dialer|24/7|

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Well you have come to the right palce.Don't waist time searching hackable VPS and

unstable softswitches.We are from a leading company in VoIP field in USA

with more than 10 years of experience.We have latest and Licensed softswitches at

attractive rate (rent/Lease/sale).We have VPS sale on installment at ($500*12) .Also you

can enjoy free 24/7 support and training.

Get 100% licensed VOIPSWITCH with all modules at $299/month

Server: DELL Power Edge Server with
- Two Duel Core Intel XEON Processors (Total 4 core)
- 4 GB RAM
- 1000 GB Hard Drive.
- 1 mbps bandwidth with 100 mbps LAN connection
- ($49 extra if you like to get unlimited bandwidth).

You will be able to do the following things with the system

1. Whole VOIP Service.
2. Retail VOIP Service.
3. VPN Tunnel to bypass ISP restrictions.
4. Calling card Service with PIN and Caller ID
5. Call back service with PIN, ANI, SMS or WEB call back.
6. Upto 3 level Reseller system
7. Callshop system with booths
8. IVR system to announce balance, voicemail etc.
9. Payment system like Paypal, Credit cards etc.
10. Customer Web site
11. Administrator Web site.
12. Reseller Web site.
13. Route Provider Web site (New!!!!!!)
14. 3 types of PC2Phone dialers for free.
15. Protocol Conversion.
16. SMS traffic handling.
17. Vonage type home phone service expandability.
18. Iphone, Nokia, Android and Winodws Mobile Dialer Expandability.
19. IP PBX Expandability.

VOIP blocking is very high these days in many regions. Our new 100% licensed VOIPSWITCH

comes with configurable VPN tunnel dialers (VIPPIE. SIPLINK and Symbian Mobile dialers).

We will fully customize all 3 dailers with your logo and company name and also include

option to change the VPN Tunnel port at any time you want. (Certain conditions apply.).

We also have Windows|Iphone Mobile dialers and Blackberry Callback application.

We also have USA DID incoming service, A-Z termination, VOIP Tech support service,

Server hosting and renting etc.

Please do not hesitate to send me your exact requirements and we’ll be glad to help you.



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