Seeking for Afgh,Sudan,Laos,Nepal,Ethiopia,Eritrea,BD,India

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Seeking for Afgh,Sudan,Laos,Nepal,Ethiopia,Eritrea,BD,India

Post  amilyhuaallen on Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:29 am

Hello dear valued partner
Greeting form China Huaallen Telecom
We looking for below non-cli routes urgently,huge live traffic waiting for here,plz contact me.

Afgh roshan 9370/9374/9376/9377/9378/9379
Pakistan 9230/9231/9232/9233/9234
Georgia 995
Laos 856
Nepal 977
Ethiopia 251
Eritrea 291
Mali 223
Ghana 233
India 91
BD 8801
Chad 235
Namibia 264
Sudan 249

We have very good reputation at payment. And we do postpay only.
If you have good direct routes. Please feel free to contact us, Early response will be highly appreciated.

Skype: amily.huaallen
We chat:18312216521


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