Adieu Routing At A Loss - Greet Lossless Era!

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Adieu Routing At A Loss - Greet Lossless Era!

Post  AG7778 on Fri May 28, 2010 2:45 am

Adieu Routing At A Loss - Greet Lossless Era!

Have you ever routed at a loss or have ever lost money on a route which you weren't looking after? If so, unfortunately, you're not alone. But there is a solution available that can prevent you from ever being a victim of underwater routing again!

Advanced algorithm of dynamic routing is implemented in Mediacore system to tackle this task. In addition to the existent routing schemes of termination and origination points Access Level feature was implemented, which allows deterministic routing.
Access Level feature offers more flexible and selective routing management, efficient control over the possibility of calls for some groups of customers or vendors/ destinations.

Access Level together with Trans-coding and Guardian provides carriers with true No-Loss/Loss Less LCR capabilities.

Don't rely on outdated processes or tool sets that aren't protecting you or your business from being a victim of arbitrage!

Take control with a tool that will not only prevent you from falling victim to arbitrage but also maximize your margins...

For More Information, Demos, Manuals please contact:

Ako Gurjinyan
Director Software Sales
Speedflow Communications

Mail to
Skype: ako7778
ICQ: 433408834

tel + 44 (203) 0 265 765 Ext 142
tel/fax +380 (48) 777 00 77

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