Looking for Ncli to Yemen,Sudan,Nigeria,Saudi,UAE,Algeria,BD

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Looking for Ncli to Yemen,Sudan,Nigeria,Saudi,UAE,Algeria,BD

Post  james.telex on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:02 am

Dear VOIP Partners,

Good Day!
Telex California LLC Looking for Muslim countries routes for live/potential traffic.


Afghanistan AWCC, Salam, Roshan-200k+
Albania Vodaofne-20k+
Algeria Mobiles-30k+
Chad Mobiles-80k
Democratic Republic of The Congo-20k+
Ecuador Mobiles-13k+
Egypt Mobiles-120k
Eritrea Mobiles-20k
Ghana Vodafone-40k
Indonesia Mobiles-50k
Iraq Zain, Korektel-60k
Lebanon Mobiles-90k
Mali Orange-30k
Malaysia Mobiles-70k
Morocco Mobile All-120k
Nigeria Etisalat & MTN-40k
Oman Mobiles & Fixed-70k
Saudi Mobily/Zain-120K
Senegal Orange-60k
Somalia Hormund-30k
Sudan Zain-60k+
Syria Mobiles-20k+ ( Need Nonfilter acd 2+ )
Tunisia Mobiles-20k
Yemen Sabaphone-150K (NONFILTER) acd 3+, asr 15-30%
Yemen MTN-200K (NONFILTER) acd 3+, asr 15-30%
Zimbabwe Econet-30k

Stats Require:

ACD: 2+
ASR: 25%

Please send your best your offer to my Email: "sales1@telex-llc.com"
Or you can reach me directly on Skype: " james.telex " to discuss a possible business partnership.

James Smith
Business Development Manager
Telex California LLC
73rd street | Suite#402 | Jackson Heights, Queens, NY-11372 | USA
Phone: +1(646)757-1651 | +1 (646) 286-6180
Skype: james.telex
Email: sales1@telex-llc.com
Web: www.telex-llc.com


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