Need_ Ncli routes. Skype: live:marchinuncommunication

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Need_ Ncli routes. Skype: live:marchinuncommunication

Post  Marchin on Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:09 pm

Ultra Networks & Communications LLC
Skype: live:marchinuncommunication

Country/City Volume
Australia-cellular Optus 43k
Croatia-proper 41k
Dem. Republic of Congo-cell Celtel 48k
Ethiopia-cellular 47k
Greece-cellular Cosmote 51k
Honduras-cellular Celtel 43k
India-cellular 362k
India-cellular BSNL 62k
Indonesia-cellular Excelcomindo 45k
Indonesia-cellular Telkomsel 41k
Iran-proper 48k
Iran-Tehran 55k
Italy-cellular Wind 129k
Japan-cellular 43k
Kenya-cellular Safaricom 60k
Libya-cellular Libyana 105k
Mexico-cellular EA 48k
Mexico-cellular IUSACELL 316k
Mexico-cellular Mexico City 47k
Mexico-cellular Movistar 233k
Mozambique-cellular Mcel 97k
Myanmar-cellular 146k
Nigeria-cellular Econet 40k
Pakistan-cellular Telenor 52k
Paraguay-cellular Personal 118k
Paraguay-cellular Telecel 98k
Peru-cellular Claro 94k
Peru-cellular Telefonica 151k
Poland-cellular Plus 57k
Portugal-cellular Vodafone 138k
Saudi Arabia-cellular 71k
Saudi Arabia-cellular Mobily 139k
Saudi Arabia-cellular STC 565k
Spain-cellular 74k
Sudan-cellular MTN 59k
Thailand-Bangkok 64k
Uzbekistan-proper 59k
Vietnam-cellular Viettel 68k


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