VOIP Phone (WT 351)

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VOIP Phone (WT 351)

Post  witura04 on Mon May 04, 2009 10:25 pm

VOIP Phone (WT 351)

Witura WT series VoIP phone is a kind o f voice communication device which based on VoIP technology. Witura Voip phone together with IPPBX and VoIP gateway constitute a complete voice communication system. Centered on IPPBX, the general IP phone only can be used after it passed the IPPBX authentication, which enhanced the manageability of VoIP communication. Moreover, it also enables the service provision of VoIP communication to be an operable telecom service. The VoIP phone owns all the capabilities of the traditional phone, in addition, it increased a great deal of advanced capabilities when it cooperate with IPPBX, which are voice mail, auto voice response, conference call, voice message, network configuration and so on.

1. Network Organization Capability: NAT/Firewall traversal, its workable in private network
2. Network protocol: PPPOE, DHCP, FTP and remote software upgrade supported.
3. Codec: G.711/G.723/G.726/G.729, the voice quality comparable with the analog phone
4. Compatibility: Excellent compatibility, can mutual work with many different manufacturers IP phone.
5. Network interface: 10/100M Ethernet interface, two Ethernet interface
6. Voice quality: Echo cancellation, comfort noise generation, Dynamic anti-dithering supported, reduce network delay and ensure the voice quality.
7. Configuration: configured through WEB and TELNET configuration supported
8. Network organization device: VoIP gateway, IPPPBX, SIP server(SIP protocol VoIP phone required)
9. Available Service: caller ID, voice message, check voice message, call transfer (attended, blind), Do-Not-Disturb, Call forwarding, Dial Plans, Speed dial, VAD, CNG, Dynamic anti-dithering, etc. Meanwhile, the IP phone can manage two SIP servers work at the same time and also provide a backup SIP server.
10. Authentication: H.323 Registration which authenticating via GK. SIP Registration which authentication via proxy server.
11. Number saving: Up to 180 phone numbers can be stored, up to 100 received calls and missed call can be stored. With strong phone number searching function.
12. Power requirements:220V AC
13. Working Temperature: 0-50 0C
14. Storage Temperature: -10-65 0C

If your esteem company needs more information or have any enquiry for the above, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and best regards
William Chin
Witura Corporation Sdn Bhd
Email : william@witura.com
MSN : willckc@hotmail.com
Skype: william04
Yahoo: witura04
Website: www.witura.com


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